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When you’re on a road trip, the scenery is what makes the journey—and when you travel to visit us in Pacific City, Oregon, you’ll be treated to tons of fantastic sights along the way, with the ultimate prize being the beauty of the destination itself! Envision breezy shores, jutting capes, twisting rivers, and an expanse of outdoor activities to be enjoyed during the springtime, from hiking trails to hang gliding off Cape Kiwanda. In nearly every direction you arrive from you’ll find extraordinary points of interest, and once you hit the sprawling forests of the Pacific Northwest, you’ll be traveling through an enthralling world of natural wonder where the next turn is even more magical than the one that came before it. If you’ve been dreaming of taking a spring road trip to Pacific City, Oregon, we can tell you why it’s a fantastic idea!

The Ultimate Oregon Spring Road Trip

It has been a long-standing tradition to take a road trip to the coast, particularly in the springtime when the weather gets a bit warmer and there are more sunny days, which leaves more room for activities! Wherever you begin your journey, there will be plenty of sights to take in along the way, from quaint mountain towns to iconic metropolises like Portland. Oregon boasts a well-connected system of freeways and highways, allowing you to reach Pacific City from multiple directions and enabling you to add in stops along the way, such as Crater Lake National Park, Bend, Eugene, Mt. Hood, and more. With scenic roads and whimsical stops, the Oregon road trip appeals to both locals and travelers alike, from those that live in the state to those traveling from around the world!

Fun Activities for When You Get Here!

Preparing for the Trip of a Lifetime

It goes without saying that the number one rule of road-tripping is to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top condition before you depart—that means tire checks, air checks, fluid checks, and a fresh oil change, especially if you’re traveling from a longer distance. Getting stranded on remote roads might be quite beautiful, but cuts into time that could be enjoyed at you next destination and might even be a costly fix. It’s a clever idea to save a map of the area offline in case you ever need to reference it if you hit a spot without service, and if you visit the Oregon Department of Transportation state website, you can even order a free physical map by mail, phone, or email. They also have a handy page of Travel Resources, including TripCheck 24/7 road conditions, Winter Travel Tips, and even Plan a Car-Free Trip for all you bicycle enthusiasts out there!

Unforgettable Stops on Your Journey to Pacific City

Whether you’re heading from the north, east, or south, there’s lots to see along the way to Pacific City that will make a fun road trip completely worthwhile. Say you’re coming from the southwest, or southern California—consider adding in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, or even Las Vegas! They can all be on the way, depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re heading over from the Midwest or central Canada, you can add in Denver, Mt. Rushmore, or Yellowstone, which is definitely a bucket list destination! If you’re heading down from the north, you can treat yourself to a stop in Vancouver to gaze at the downtown skyline and the seawall, and maybe even take some time in Seattle to visit the Public Market. Olympic National Park can also be added as a stop from the north!

Discover the Three Capes Scenic Loop

Once you’re in Pacific City, you’ll find having your own car gives you the freedom to keep exploring! A must-do is our famous Three Capes Scenic Loop, which starts at our very own Cape Kiwanda in town. From there, you’ll travel along the coast to Cape Lookout, which offers stunning views and hiking trails. The next and final is Cape Meares, which has a historic lighthouse and beach, as well as roads that will offer views of Tillamook Bay. It’s one of the top suggested pastimes for visitors, and with your car it will all be right at your fingertips!

Book Your Spring Road Trip Vacation Rental in Pacific City Today!

From charming houses nestled in the forest, to houses that are pictures of modern luxury that sit right on the beach, we have a wide array of rental properties in our collection that are perfect for a spring vacation, whether it’s a big family affair or a small get together with friends. We’re proud to offer a personalized experience in the day of impersonal rental websites and look forward to hosting you for an unforgettable vacation in Pacific City. Give us a call to learn more about our Pacific City vacation rentals today!