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Surfing Pacific City

Come out and enjoy one of the best places to enjoy surfing in Pacific City Oregon at Cape Kiwanda. If you have a short board, a long board, a SUP, a kite-board, or a skim board, you’re likely going to have some fun at the Cape in Pacific City!  If you don’t already have a board, you can rent one along with all the gear you need. Pacific City’s reputation as a great place to surf is widely known, so even if you’d rather just watch, come on down. You’re sure to see wet-suited surfers here catching the waves year ‘round.

You won’t have to paddle far from shore to find a gentle surf break great for beginners at Cape Kiwanda. The sandbars here produce both rights and lefts, so whether you’re goofy or regular, you’ll find the perfect waves. The best season for catching small waves here is from June to September. Fall and winter months bring larger swells to Cape Kiwanda, and this is also when you’ll find the most consistent swell. You’ll want to plan ahead to have all the appropriate wetsuit gear! If you’re checking the surf report before you load up the boards, the ideal swell direction to look for is from the west.

If you plan to head to Pacific City to surf in September, consider getting here in time for the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic. This annual surf contest offers 15-minute heats with scores given on the top two waves caught in the heat. Experienced surfers will enjoy participating in this fun annual event, while others will enjoy making a day of it watching from the comfort of the white sand beach that fronts this popular surf locale.

Surf culture is alive and well in Pacific City, and your best bet for beating the crowd is to aim for a mid-week surf session. Surf shops located nearby are ideal for picking up everything you’ll need for a day on the water.

+ Moment Surf Company

This surf shop has boards of all types for sale or for rent and can also provide wetsuits and instructors if needed.  A full selection of equipment for kids and adults includes wetsuits, gloves, hoods, racks, surfboards, paddle boards, bodyboards, leashes and skim boards. If you’re completely new to Pacific City surfing, no problem! They have knowledgeable instructors onsite that offer both private and small group lessons for kids ages 5 and up to adults. Lessons are two hours and include all the gear you’ll need for a fun day in the water. Aside from helping you catch waves during your very first lesson, specifics such as safety, etiquette, paddling technique, popping up, and getting out through the waves will all be covered. They also have clothing, hats, flip-flops, sunglasses and more.  It’s a great place to shop for gifts for your beach-lover and surfing friends.

Pacific City is Oregon’s Surf Mecca

Not Ready to Surf Pacific City? There Are More Things to Do!

If you’re looking for a day of fun on the water but aren’t necessarily sold on surfing in Pacific City in Oregon, consider one of Pacific City’s many other water activity options. Bodyboarding and skimboarding are other popular water activities that are easily accessible in Pacific City.

You could also consider moving your surf session to the shore. Residents and visitors alike enjoy surfing the dunes at Cape Kiwanda. Located within the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, the 240-foot dune here offers a steep, thrilling ascent for sandboarders.

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Experience the best surfing in Pacific City at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon! Right from a Beach on the Oregon Coast