Kayak Pacific City

With Pacific City’s beautiful coastal location and access to both the ocean and rivers, it is an ideal place to embrace an outdoor lifestyle. Consider exploring Sand Lake, Nestucca Bay, Little Nestucca River, Nestucca River, or Salmon River when you kayak Pacific City!

There’s no more lovely place to kayak than Pacific City. First choose your location: The Nestucca River is the easiest and most convenient place to kayak in Pacific City. This river makes a big horseshoe bend through the city before making its way into Nestucca Bay and then the Pacific Ocean. The river is normally calm and a place to see lots of birds. No matter your skill level, the Nestucca River is a great place to get out on the water. Make your way through the gentle water as you pause to take in the scenery and wildlife all around. If you have the right kind of kayak, you can even fish at the same time. Rent a Hobie with pedals and rudder and you’ll have your hands free to both cast and catch. Or you can try kayaking in the ocean which can be much more challenging, especially depending on weather. In any case, be ready for some big waves to test your skills. Enjoy our spacious Oregon Coast cabins between your kayaking adventures!

+ Nestucca Adventures

Located on the Nestucca River in Downtown Pacific City, this marina shop with dock and put-in has a large selection of Kayaks and SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) of all types and sizes, and they’ll give you all the instruction and guidance you might need for a beautiful paddle. Their convenient location means there’s no need to transport the kayak before starting your adventure. Both double and single kayaks are available for rent by the hour, and other necessary gear such as paddles and life jackets are also provided. Head upstream of the Pacific Avenue Bridge from your kayak through scenic forest and farmland, where you’ll find plenty of places to explore. For more information, contact Nestucca Adventures at 503.965.0060

+ Kayak Tillamook

If you’d prefer to embark on a guided excursion, consider booking an adventure through Kayak Tillamook. These folks have the ability to bring multiple kayaks to a specific location. So if you want to host a kayak party with friends or family somewhere between Tillamook and Neskowin, they’ll meet you at your pick-up location and even provide a guide if you want one. On a guided kayak adventure with Kayak Tillamook, you’ll be accompanied by a certified, trained kayaking guide, so you’ll be able to completely relax and enjoy the journey. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy forays into the area’s best waterways to embrace scenic landscape and wildlife views. River otters, harbor seals, mink, elk, raptors, and seabirds are all regularly sighted on these kayak tours and can be easily pointed out by your knowledgeable guide. They offer a wide range of kayak Pacific City tours at designated locations throughout the area, as well as completely customizable tours to suit your requirements. 

More Things to Do

For another option in exploring Pacific City’s waterways, consider stand up paddle boarding. Just as with kayaking, you’ll self-propel through the water, but with more balance required. This makes stand up paddle boarding a great core workout!

From the river to the ocean, water activities abound in Pacific City. Consider booking a surf lesson with Moment Surf Company or enjoying a leisurely day along the shoreline at Kiwanda Beach. The adjacent Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge offers a great place to take in ocean views, head out on a hike, or to go birding.

With access to beautiful waterways and serene natural areas, Pacific City is ideal for exploring on land and water!