Shorepine Vacation Rentals by Open Nest

Pacific City has many different developments that offer unique amenities for our rental properties. Our Shorepine Village rentals are one such place, and for anybody who’s looking to go out for that perfect family vacation, they might just be one of the best. Private beach access, a wooden boardwalk, and unique paved biking paths are all examples of things you can expect to find during your stay here, all in a conveniently located place.

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With easy access to the entire city, you’ll be able to fill your days up with all of the entertainment the city has to offer. Fine dining is just a short trip away for anyone who wants to avoid cooking during their vacation, and you’ll be able to bounce around to any of the many outdoor attractions that bring people out this way to visit.

Our Shorepine Amenities

Tucked behind the rolling dune with easy beach access via a unique wooden boardwalk, the homes are traditional, yet modern beachy cabins set in a family-friendly community. Guests get around via miles of paved walking and biking trails, making it an easy walk to Cape Kiwanda and the beach.

While staying at one of our Shorepine Village vacation rentals, you’ll have access to the private community clubhouse, which is a perfect staging area for any kind of celebration you might be having while you’re here. Enjoy making use of the pool table or help stay in shape while you’re on your trip by using the fitness center, as allowed by COVID restrictions.

Our homes come in all shapes and sizes in this area, but all of them have a fully equipped kitchen for you to use while you’re here. They have everything you need to whip up a quick morning snack to kick off your day, and also all of the necessary appliances to put together a full course meal for the family. If you need anything extra, it’s just a quick trip into town to pick up your extra supplies.

Washers and dryers are included in every home to make sure you don’t have to go hunting for a laundromat to keep everything clean on those long stays. TVs and internet are provided with every home. Stream your favorite movies and TV shows while you’re relaxing at home without having to use up all of your data. Certain Shorepine Village rentals in the area are also dog friendly. If you plan on bringing the family pet along, be sure to check with us ahead of time to make sure the property you’d like to stay in accepts pets, and we’ll make sure everything is appropriately handled.

Plenty of other offerings are available depending on the house. Fireplaces, bicycles, toys for the kids, and more are here for your convenience. If there’s a specific thing you’re looking for, feel free to ask us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Come and See Shorepine Village for Yourself

At Open Nest, we’ve gathered up some of the best Shorepine Village vacation rentals in town, and we’d love for you to come and stay with us. No matter what size party you’re bringing along, our team will make sure all of your concerns are addressed, and we’ll have you matched up with your new home away from home in no time. Contact us online, or call us today and get in touch with us now to start your vacation off right!

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