Packing up the suitcases and heading out of town with the entire family in tow is always a treat. For those that get to spend time together in beautiful Pacific City, Oregon, the fun is guaranteed! This scenic escape is a great place for families who love to spend time adventuring outdoors. It’s also a perfect place for those traveling crews that have a passion for shopping and dining excursions that are made to thrill as well. Whether you’re planning on spending all your time together out on the water, strolling the shoreline, or exploring in-town, Pacific City is packed with possibilities. Knowing you have the best Oregon Coast group rentals to match only makes it that much better. When you’re ready to get plans for your family-friendly adventure underway, the team at Open Nest Vacation Rentals is here to help.

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Space, Style, and Comfort for All

A family getaway is always exciting, but to go smoothly, it requires plenty of space for everyone involved. That’s where our collection of Oregon Coast group rentals in Pacific City comes into the picture. At Open Nest, we’re proud to provide a diverse portfolio of rental property options that are perfect for families visiting Pacific City and needing the square footage and stylish details included that make for an unforgettable stay. Our family-friendly rentals are located across Pacific City, making it easy to accommodate your itinerary. Homes are available as cozy bungalows or roomy multi-level residences when your family comes with a number of travelers in tow. No matter what property you choose, guests can count on spacious floorplans waiting to greet them as well as great views, tasteful furnishings throughout and even full kitchens!

Let Luxury Lead the Way to Family Fun

Looking for even more from your Pacific City family-focused retreat? We have what you need. Our family-friendly homes on the Oregon Coast can be booked to include vaulted ceilings, spacious decks and patios, fireplaces, game rooms, shoreline access, and beyond. Many of our Oregon Coast vacation rentals can even be booked as pet-friendly properties when a family getaway just wouldn’t be complete without the company of a canine companion or two. View our pet friendly vacation rentals in Pacific City here!

The Moments That Matter

Our families are the people that keep us sane, having experienced many of the same life experiences and understanding more than anyone else how we became the people we are. They remember staying out until the streetlights came on, building dams in the little creeks that ran through their farms, and why we were all afraid of grumpy Uncle Bob! Unfortunately, as adults we don’t have the same freedom we had as children, and these moments in our Open Nest escapes are destined to create moments that matter as you come together in a joyous celebration of family!

Relive childhood memories of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings after finishing off bowls of the sugary cereals your parents only let you enjoy on special occasions. Only now you are the adults, and your sugary tastes may have turned to donuts and cartoons can be enjoyed any time of the day or night thanks to cable TV or streaming channels on the Smart TVs that are often mounted on the wall of our living rooms. Board games used to be a big deal in your life before the advent of video games, so gathering around the large dining room tables and choosing your token will instantly transport you back to those golden days! Hopefully, however, everyone will have matured enough so that the game doesn’t end up tossed on the floor with all the money flying in the ocean breeze!

When it comes time for dinner, our fully equipped kitchens are spacious and cheerful, allowing family to work together creating feasts that will be enjoyed by everyone. Turn the music up and dance with each other as you chop veggies and season the steaks and seafood that will go the grill on the back deck. Using utensils as microphones, you and your favorite cousin can sing a duet to the song that was your “jam” back in the day, and as you laugh, talk, and reminisce, you may find it difficult to remember why you dislike cooking dinner at home!

Eventually, of course, the sun will sink into the horizon and the stars and moon will light up the dark skies, and for larger groups, the ones who have chosen multiple properties to congregate in, everyone will separate for the night, heading back to the peace and quiet of spaces meant to be enjoyed with their immediate family members. The quiet may seem strange at first, but soon you will drop into a deep sleep in cloud-like beds, recharging batteries for another day of fun and family during your Oregon coast family reunion!

The Choice Is Yours

Whether you choose one large escape where everyone bunks with each other or a series of smaller properties in which you can separate and retreat at the end of the day, your family reunion will be made more special because you chose to spend it with Open Nest. Offering all the comforts of home and everything you need to ensure this getaway stands out, our attention to detail allows guests to concentrate on family and fun without having to worry about finding new batteries for the remotes or running down to the market to pick up another bottle opener!

Living rooms will be spacious and have plenty of inviting seating options, dining rooms will have enough seats for every seat that sleeps there, and kitchens will have everything you need to create a family feast, with the exception of the food. Shelves will offer books, games, and toys to be used by guests, wood burning fireplaces will have wood stocked outside, and many of the bedrooms will offer their own televisions, helping guests to fall into deep and dreamless sleeps. If your room doesn’t have a TV, however, and you are staying on the beach, open the windows a crack and fall asleep to the lullaby created by ocean waves crashing against the beach below.

High-speed internet ensures that virtual meetings will be virtually glitch-free and online learning sessions will be easy to take part in—although we can’t vouch that your children won’t be somewhat distracted as their cousins are playing on the beach without them! Some properties will offer bicycles for fun rides along the beach, others will offer game rooms where the competitive nature of your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will rear its ugly heads, and still others will offer large expanses of beach just beyond their back door, where volleyball nets will be set up, sand castles will be built, and beautiful memories will begin!

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