From the stunning blue waves and sandy shorelines to the rolling terrain, rocky vistas, and options for exploration, there’s simply no shortage of fun to be found for those who set their travel sights on the Oregon Coast. The area that makes up Pacific City, in particular, is endlessly appealing and proves to be a beautiful vacation destination for travelers year-round. Whether you’re one for sunbathing, surfing, hiking, or incredible encounters with wildlife and nature—Pacific City has exactly what you’ve been searching for. To that end, the team at Open Nest has the luxury Oregon Coast rentals to meet the vacation moment you’ve been looking forward to!

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Luxury Vacation Rentals & Oregon Coast Comfort

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in the company of a large group of family and friends, our luxury Oregon coast rentals promise to please. We’re proud to offer guests a wide variety of property options to choose from that are situated across Pacific City including communities at Kiwanda Shores, Shorepine Village and Pacific Seawatch alike. No matter what property you select, guests will find that our luxury Oregon Coast rentals also provide the space, style, and convenience you deserve during a great Oregon coast retreat. Many showcase beautiful open living floorplans as well as large windows and towering ceilings throughout. From spacious balconies and decks to the tasteful and stylish furnishings within, our luxury Oregon coast rentals come with the details in place that make all the difference. Guests can even book a stay that includes a fully equipped kitchen, access to Wi-Fi, and extra-large master bedrooms with en suite baths and walk-in closets to match.

Designed to Spoil

From your first moments inside until that final glimpse you take, looking over your shoulder at the luxury you must leave behind, our Open Nest luxury escapes will forevermore hold a piece of your heart as you make memories that will never be forgotten. Lazy evenings will be spent binge watching 80s movies on state-of-the-art televisions offering pictures so clear, you will instantly be transported back to those glorious golden days of everyone’s favorite decade. Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of wine, and sink into the comfort of the plush furnishings that make our living rooms the perfect gathering spot for you and your family.

Speaking of gathering spots, the dining rooms of our luxury properties will be another place you and your family will make your own. These spaces may not even be used to dine, but that’s ok; playing board games, building puzzles, or just sitting around discussing all the beachy adventures you have been enjoying will ensure that the bonds that draw you and your family together will be even tighter. Other spaces you may or may not use for their intended purpose are our fully equipped kitchens, rooms that easily blend cozy comforts and modern conveniences. High-end appliances will entice guests to create at least one meal during their stay, and all the smaller appliances will ensure that every morning starts properly caffeinated and toasted!

Some of our properties may offer game rooms containing pool tables, foosball tables, or other gaming options, because we at Open Nest want your Oregon coast vacation to be a well-rounded experience. Others may offer hot tubs on the patios or decks, providing romance and comfort to all who submerge themselves in their bubbling warmth. Barbecues, fire pits, and comfortable deck furniture allow visitors to unwind, relax, and savor the beauty of the sea, because yes, for true luxury, travelers prefer to see the ocean in their own “backyards!” A small, stylishly decorated cottage is a treat for sure, but a small cottage with sandy beaches and the roaring surf located just off the back porch is one of the world’s ultimate luxuries, and our Open Nest luxury rentals offer just that.

Spend your at-home moments sipping your favorite beverages as sea breezes kiss your cheeks and the crash of waves against the beach provides a lullaby for your soul and you will never want for anything more. Tranquil, serene, and a little wild, (especially on stormy nights) you may not be able to sit in this spot forever, but the memories made here will forever linger in your soul, and when real life gets a little tough, you can take them out examine them, and feel the peace trickle back in as it did during your Oregon coast vacation with us!

Life’s Little Comforts

Sometimes it is the smaller things in life that makes your world go right. A fire crackling in a fireplace on a rainy night, the feel of soft leather on a piece of furniture, or soft music playing in the background as you sip a glass of wine, read without being interrupted, and soak in a deep tub peacefully. These quiet luxuries act as a reset button for our souls, pausing the craziness of the world. Sleeping in late on a summer morning after reading or watching TV late into the night before is another comfort that, although it can happen at home, happens so much easier in our Open Nest hideaways. Premium mattresses topped with silky linens cradle each guest, creating a nest of comfort that will lead to the best night’s sleep of your life, even if you did stay up half the night, reading, watching television, or sharing whispered conversations with your favorite traveling partner.

And when the sun peeks in your bedroom window the next morning, gently smiling down upon you, another luxury you may not have thought about will occur as you awaken easily feeling rested, recharged, and ready to face a new day of Oregon coast adventures. Early risers may sip coffee on the deck watching the world come alive around them as the sun rises in the sky in a cacophony of color and fire, but for those who feel as if morning shouldn’t officially start until closer to lunchtime, a walk along on the sandy shores at sunset will be a perfectly acceptable substitute! An Oregon sunrise and sunset is cause for applause, presenting one of Mother Nature’s finest shows and requiring nothing more than a few minutes of your attention. These small moments in life will seem somehow grander when enjoyed from the comforts offered by our Open Nest luxury rentals on the Oregon coast.

Customize Your Journey Every Step of the Way

Upgrading your amazing experience on the Oregon Coast is simple when you book with Open Nest. Be sure to ask us about our luxury properties across the area that enjoy pet-friendly amenities, fireplaces, pools, hot tubs, stunning shoreline views, and more. With our luxury Oregon Coast vacation homes, Oregon Coast travelers looking for properties with seamless access to grilling areas, saunas, game rooms, clubhouses, and more will find exactly what they’re looking for.

Take time to Unwind in Style

Everyone deserves a place at the beach. When you’re ready to turn those travel plans into a reality, the team at Open Nest Vacation Rentals is here to help make it happen. Reach out today to learn more about our many appealing Oregon Coast vacation home rentals in Pacific City and how we can help you get started planning your next exciting journey this way. We can’t wait to welcome you to scenic Pacific City soon!